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Reach the mobile audience.

In 2015 the number of users accessing websites on mobile devices exceed users accessing websites from Laptops and Desktops. Increase use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablet devices has been the driving force behind this change.

Responsive Web Design has never been so important for businesses looking to optimise their online content and engage their audience. At Hype we can design and develop a mobile-friendly website and have it up and running within weeks, building it offline to not disrupt any current web traffic you currently experience. When the time is right, we can simply switch them over.

It’s recommended by Google.

Google gives priority places to Google Optimised sites. Mobile users searching for local businesses using the search term ‘near me’ increased by 60% last year. If you a small local business, having a mobile optimised site is a priority for selling your goods online.

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Increased Sales.

It is the user experience that determines the success of your website.
According to Google, an improved website experience can increase online sales by more than 30%. Cross-platform purchases are on the rise with people viewing a product on their PC at work, and ordering it on their mobile device on the train home which means having that unified design has never been so important. If your website has a unified design both on desktop and mobile it will create a consistent look and feel which will lead to improving user experience and increased sales.

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Staff Accessibility and Knowledge.

With every enquiry, you will be met by friendly, well-trained staff (Even on a Monday morning). All our staff are experienced in our procedures and all of our digital services, awesome customer service is our number 1 priority.

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You're in good hands.

Should you decide to do business with us (And we really hope you do), you will receive a dedicated client account manager. Our friendly bunch of CAMs will keep a keen eye on your results, and stay in regular contact with you, making sure you receive the most from our services.

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Faster load times.

Mobile users, in particular, want their information asap, in a flash, preferably yesterday. According to some recent research published, 47% of users will abandon your site if it doesn't load within 2 seconds! That could potentially lead to a lot of lost revenue. Using modern performing techniques such as caching and responsive image display can greatly improve your website performance. A responsive, optimised website has both of these elements.

Awesome Analytics.

Knowing where traffic is coming from, and how users perceive your website is crucial, and necessary for making improved changes (By the way, we include this as standard). Having a single responsive site channels all users into one single report which makes it easy to get an overall picture of how users behave on your website.

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Simple, transparent pricing.
Pay monthly option & Maintenance packages available.

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