In-house design and development team

With the skills and experience to perform miracles

All VR environments are designed and built by pioneering and innovative game developers with over 5 years experience in the VR industry.

The worlds leading game engines

To suit graphical fidelity, functionality and performance.

Built utilising 5 of the world's leading game engines and exported onto hardware to suit your requirements.

From £240.00 per day. Free post production support.
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Scott GarthwaiteCreator, Fab Food Magazine

“Amazing design work, photography and video production. Looking forward to working with these guys again!”

Michael MillingtonOwner, Korrupt

“Just awesome! Great bunch of lads to work with, Website is incredible and sales are on the up.”

Darren HallManaging Director, Prosoa UK

“Since Hype built my website and took over the Ad words management my phone has never stopped ringing. Great work, guys.”

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