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Every day, over 2.7 billion people log onto social media, and this number is growing by 21% annually.  We’ve highlighted some of the most important social networking sites and their benefits.

Social Media Marketing


The big one

The world’s largest social media site, with over 1.8 billion active users. Facebook is quite smart when it comes to Ad Targeting. When creating an Ad, Facebook gives you the tools the find the right audience allowing you to target specific locations, age range, gender and even their interests and behaviours. Which means your Ad will only show to people who you know are already interested in your services.

Extremely cost effective

A Facebook Ad can cost as little as 1p per ‘Like’ or ‘Click’, and you’re only charged when someone ‘Likes’ or ‘Clicks’ through to your Facebook Page.


Essential for B2B Marketing.

The world’s largest professional network with over 330 million members. This site has 42 million unique visitors every month and 2 new members sign up every second.

Effective Ad Targeting.

Marketing your business on LinkedIn offers a lot of benefits. The main one being, it offers very detailed targeting metrics. If you want your Ad to only be seen by CEO’s CTO etc, no problem, LinkedIn allows you target by occupation or job title. Pretty cool.

Social Media Marketing


200 million+ active users.
Contribute blogs to Google+ for improved SEO.


50 – 70 million members.
Drives more traffic than Google+, Linkedin, Twitter & Reddit combined!

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Social Media Marketing


Grow a #following.

Twitter gives you the opportunity to grow a following of people who talk about your business, share your updates and recommend your products through hashtags. Hashtagging certain topics or keywords allows anyone that shares an interest in what you post to instantly see it on their Twitter feed.

Awesome Ad Services.

Advertising is extremely cost effective too, Twitter only charges you if the user completes the action you want them to – such as download your app, or visit your website.


All about the visual.

Instagram is very different from the other social media sites. Instagram is all about the visual, and posting on it might be the key to success. If your business surrounds fashion, art, food, drink then this is the social media site for you. Because of this visual aspect, a recent study found that Instagram generates 58 times more engagement per follower, than Facebook.

And Advertising is free.

Using Instagram is a great way build up the trust and personality of your brand, engage with your target traffic to your website and benefit from free advertising… Yes, FREE ADVERTISING then Instagram is the best platform for you.

Social Media Marketing
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