Video marketing, and the benefits
it can bring to your business.

If you’re a business of any size or sector, you should be using video marketing. Video marketing is the number 1 way to engage audiences – even the laziest people love watching videos. In a world dominated by smartphones and mobile technology videography, vlogs and explainer videos are the go to place for users to find the answer to their question quickly and effectively with Youtube now serving over 2 billion users every single day.

Another strong selling point for video is SEO (search engine optimisation). Google loves videos, in fact, according to research your 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google, if you have a video embedded on your website. And with Youtube now the worlds second largest search engine, video marketing is a cost effective way to have your business found by new customers.

Hypes video marketing service helps your business explain your product or service in the easiest way possible, building trust and increasing conversions along the way. Script writing, development, post production management and SEO are all a fundamental part of the service. We guarantee to engage and delight your audience, whilst staying true to your brand or message.

Why not take 2 minutes to watch our very own
explainer video.

Video marketing is proven to engage audiences and keep users on your website up to 80% longer. And videos are great for improving your SEO.
Video marketing is a great investment when it comes to promoting your business, product or services.

video marketing -

Animated explainer videos come in all sorts of styles, each one tailored to different audiences. Let’s take a look…

Screencast video Put simply, Screencast Video Marketing is just a recording of your computer screen. This simple low budget video is ideal for showcasing products or services.
Cartoon video This is all about storytelling. This kind of Video Marketing is great for humanising brands and building trust. These videos are usually funny and reflect the buyer’s persona and are mainly used small businesses, start-ups or those targeting the end user.
Whiteboard video This is a super engaging technique because the content is created before your eyes. Whiteboard videos are great at explaining complex information, so if you’re an IT provider or software developer then this is the video for you.
Motion graphics video This is a elegant and engaging style of video marketing. Designed for those with a more serious profile such as finance, banking, insurance. Adding in 3D animation along with industry statistics is a great way of making you and the video look impressive, leaving a lasting impression.

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