Is Inbound Marketing The End Of Traditional Sales?

The traditional sales process was all about you finding your customers, through intrusive cold calls, print advertising and junk mail. All of these techniques were centred around your company, and not your potential customer.

Of course, modern technology is making these traditional techniques a little harder to get away with, and a little less efficient. Caller ID’s block your number, Spam filters may block some of your emails, and most of your mail will go straight in the bin.

But don’t worry, THERE IS A SOLUTION! Inbound Marketing might just be the answer.

Inbound Marketing is a fundamental shift in the way you could do business. It is all about empowering your potential customer.
Instead of expensive TV ad’s, you could create a targeted YouTube video; Instead of buying print and display Ads, you could use SEO and PPC to be found online; And, instead of cold calling or emails, you could write useful and creative content that your prospect find value in.

Inbound Marketing is focused on you being found by your customer. It’s helpful content, it’s about giving something your prospects love so they can contact you for more information.

So, could this be the end of traditional sales techniques?

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