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Generates 58% of all revenue.

Our segmented and personalised campaigns can increase your click-through-rate up to 41%

Target Emails from Hype.

Email Marketing your audience will enjoy.

Our focused email campaigns solve all the spammy problems of non-targeted, generic, mail-shots. With Email Marketing from, Hype; we control exactly what email your audience receive by segmenting your email list based on their interests, location, profession, industry, demographics and other information.

Focused/targeted campaigns simplify your message for every recipient and gives them useful content specific to their needs which can lead to a 41% increase in click-through-rates.

Increase Brand Awareness.

Each and every email your audience receive increases your brand awareness, your business persona and your values. Attractive emails, complete with useful content sent to your audience on a weekly basis can help your business remain in the forefront of their mind. In time when a prospect needs a product or service your business will stand a higher chance of turning prospects into paying customers.

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Email Marketing Hype

Email Marketing is easy to share.

Email Marketing is one of the easiest forms of communication your audience can share. Within one or two clicks your subscribers can forward your email onto their friends or colleagues spreading your news, offers, bundles, services and much more. Social Media integration gives your subscribers an even bigger audience to share your content thus further exposing your brand and increasing prospects.

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Staff Accessibility and Knowledge.

With every enquiry, you will be met by friendly, well-trained staff (Even on a Monday morning). All our staff are experienced in our procedures and all of our digital services, awesome customer service is our number 1 priority.

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You're in good hands.

Should you decide to do business with us (And we really hope you do), you will receive a dedicated client account manager. Our friendly bunch of CAMs will keep a keen eye on your results, and stay in regular contact with you, making sure you receive the most from our services.

Email Marketing is measurable.

Analytics are key to measuring the success of your email campaign. Hype's analytics provides you with useful insights including delivery rate, open rate and subscriber rate. These numbers give you more than just a measure of your performance, they are insights into the behaviour and interest of your audience.

At Hype, we use these insights as a tool to monitor which information your audience find value in; adjusting your marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns.

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Email Marketing is cost effective.

One of the biggest benefits of Email Marketing is the cost saving and return on investment. Email Marketing is one of the most affordable types of marketing out there with no print costs and not postage fee. As a matter of fact, email marketing now generates 58% of all revenue and according to the DMA, email marketing brings in £40 for every £1 spent.

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