Creative thinking inspires ideas.  Ideas inspire change.

Web Services

Web design, SEO, AdWords, Analytics

Marketing Services

Email, Social Media, Video, Online reputation

Media Services

Branding, Copywriting, Graphic Design

Technology Services

Mobile apps, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3D Cad,

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“The only way to do great work, is to love what you do”.

Built on a foundation of knowledge, service, passion and creativity. Hype provides you with awesome digital services to transform your business.

Web-Design by Hype. www.thinkhype.com

Creative Web Design.

Look your best… or at least, try too!

Optimised and Mobile friendly creative web design services. Website and E-commerce management services included as standard for peace of mind!

Amazing Add-ons…

Add SEO, Google AdWords, Copywriting, Online Reputation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Inbound Marketing services to help you grow online quicker than ever before.

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Pay Per Click Marketing Services.

Increase leads up to 54%.

Reach the top of the world's largest Ad Display Network with over 6 billion searches every day. That is a lot of clicks!

Manage Ad spend.

Only spend what you can afford. Our experts will ensure you get the best traffic for your budget and we'll provide you with a report allowing you to manage your return on investment.

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Google AdWords by Hype. www.thinkhype.com
Social Media Marketing by Hype www.thinkhype.com

Social Media Marketing Services.

The world’s biggest lead generator!

Spending 6 hours per week on social media marketing can increase leads by up to 66%. Don't worry, we'll do this for you... that's the whole point!

Bring high volume traffic to your site, today!

Every day, over 2.7 billion people log onto social media. The opportunity to grow your brand and increase sales has never been bigger.

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Simple, transparent pricing. 3 months rolling contract.
Why Hype: Reason One

Staff Accessibility and Knowledge.

With every enquiry, you will be met by friendly, well-trained staff (Even on a Monday morning). All our staff are experienced in our procedures and all of our digital services, awesome customer service is our number 1 priority.

Why Hype:  Reason Two

You're in good hands.

Should you decide to do business with us (And we really hope you do), you will receive a dedicated client account manager. Our friendly bunch of CAMs will keep a keen eye on your results, and stay in regular contact with you, making sure you receive the most from our services.

Online reputation by Hype www.thinkhype.com

Online Reputation Management

People are talking about your business!

Our monitoring tools flag up each and every positive and negative comment about your business and bring it our attention.

Competitor Analysis reports.

We can compare your reviews to your competition and provide you with competitor analysis reports to keep you ahead of the game.

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Inbound Marketing Services.

Attract prospects through amazing content creation.

Inbound Marketing is all about your prospects finding you through the creation of useful, appealing content that your audience will love.

Put the phone down!

No more intrusive, annoying cold calls or spammy emails. Inbound Marketing is the future, and your prospects will be calling you, for more information.

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Inbound Marketing - Hype - www.thinkhype.com
Email Marketing Hype https://www.thinkhype.com

Email Marketing Services.

Email Marketing generates 58% of all revenue.

Our targeted and segmented email campaigns send out relevant and engaging content for your prospects to enjoy - No spammy junk mail here! Segmented campaigns can increase click -through-rates up to 41%.

Email population boom is happening!

By 2020 the estimated email use will hit 3 billion... O.M.G!
And two-thirds of all emails will be read on smart devices.

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Additional services...
Bespoke Marketing, to differentiate your business and engage your audience.

Video Marketing

Attract up to 80% more engagement with video marketing from, Hype.

Brand Immersion

Using emerging technology to revolutionise your brand.